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390. J? 175. Surinam. 10. J. 2.

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Sri Lanka. 126. 20. Russia. 71. 20.

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8084. Quechua. 8185.

Quechua speakers in peru

Impossible Interculturality? Education and the Colonial - DiVA

Quechua speakers in peru

The underlying assumption of the PEEB and EBI programs is that indigenous languages  Och naturligtvis till de quechuaindianer, samt peruaner som i Peru har låtit mig få ta guerrilla groups in Peru, can be seen as speakers in that sphere of. Geographically, Quechua is still spoken in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina having the major amount of speakers in Peru.

Quechua speakers in peru

Pro independence farmer seen using his loud speaker to celebrate. Demonstrator raised a poster against the former President of the Peru Alberto Fujimori  Machu Picchu betyder gammalt berg på quechua, inkafolkets språk.
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In Cusco region, both rural and urban, Quechua is still the primary language of more than half its total population. For Cajamarca Quechua, the total recorded number of speakers in the whole province has already fallen under 10,000, and only in two of fifteen districts is it spoken by more than 10% of the population (pg. 76).

Most Quechua speakers do not deal with national issues on a daily basis, nor do they travel extensively to such a point where a national language would be necessary. Haugen states, “The majority [of Quechua speakers] have a comfortable and restricted life, where the most important things occur within the home, between friends, and in the workplace. This article qualitatively and quantitatively investigates the Quechua language attitudes and maintenance practices of the members of two non-profit, non-governmental agencies in Cuzco, Peru.
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18. ZAIRE. 134. 19. Chad. 74.

http://biblio.co.uk/book/hard-damage-aria/d/1309419284 https

Interpreting may be done in parallel with the speaker (simultaneous interpreting) or after they have spoken a few sentences or words (consecutive interpreting). SPEAKER SELECT / MULTI CH SETUP / SPEAKER SETUP / Polish. Pashto, Pushto. Portuguese. Quechua.

In modern-day Peru, speakers of Aymara are located almost entirely in the deep south, along the border with Bolivia and around Lake Titicaca (where the inhabitants, known as the Uros, of the floating islands speak Aymara).